Merch Magic - Merch By Amazon Listing Optimization Spreadsheet

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A well-oiled machine is one that is optimized to run at maximum efficiency. As a trained machinist, I know the value of optimization. If you can get more done in the same amount of time, it is a win-win for the business.

I started Merch by Amazon back in 2015 when it was first launched. I started uploading designs and tracking the winners and the losers. So I started to make adjustments on my Merch by Amazon machine and started to see better results.

Then I noticed something.

Designs that were "low quality" were selling and some of my "high quality" weren't. So I did a little research and found a correlation.

Amazon shoppers don't search by images.

I could have the most visually appeasing image in the world and it would never sell if a buyer couldn't find it.

Buyers can't buy what they can't find.

The designs that were my best sellers had strategically written brand names, titles, bullet points, and descriptions. 

Buyers could find these designs. 

This revelation made sense, but I just never looked at it that way. I was under the notion that I needed to upload as many designs as possible. Writing descriptions and bullet points takes time and I could be uploading more designs instead.

So I decided to start optimizing all of my designs moving forward (and track my optimization techniques to see if they worked).

All I can say is: Whoa.

The more I optimized, the more I sold. Buyers could actually find my designs and they were buying more shirts because of it! 

So I decided to take my tried and true method and create a simple tool that can help other Merch by Amazon sellers 


I took 37 data points that had been tested on over 4,000 Merch by Amazon designs and built an algorithm to help with the optimization of Merch listings.

I then took this algorithm and built an Excel spreadsheet to speed up the optimization process. 

And Merch Magic was born.

Merch Magic is an Excel spreadsheet that scores Merch by Amazon brand name, product title, bullet points, and description based upon my algorithm. 

All you have to do is type your listing information into the spreadsheet and you will get a score based upon your optimization of a main and secondary keyword. 

If your listing isn't up to par, the worksheet provides feedback to help teach you to build consist Merch by Amazon listings.

With this purchase, you get access to the Merch Magic spreadsheet and any future updates to the spreadsheet. 

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Merch Magic - Merch By Amazon Listing Optimization Spreadsheet

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